Friday, July 10, 2009

Broken bones!!

Well, we officially have our first set of broken bones. Tuesday night Ryan fell off his bike and broke 2 bones in his arm!! We were shocked considering how many times he's fallen off his bike in the past. I guess he fell "just right" this time!! He has to wear his cast for at least 5 weeks, so hopefully that will be enough time for it to heal. Thank goodness it's waterproof so at least he can still go swimming for the rest of the summer, otherwise it would be a loooong 5 weeks. He seems to be getting used to it and hasn't complained yet, but I'm sure he'll get tired of it real soon and want it off. Guess this is just the beginning of many broken bones in our future!!


Heather J said...

I hope its not the 1st of many, but your one & only experience with broken bones & casts! Love that you've re-emerged into blogland -you'll need to practice before baby girl gets here!!!!! Love all the new updates on the good ole blog!!!

anthonyandbeth said...

what a cutie he is in his cast! harrison had the same color! :) i'm sorry that you've stepped into the world of broken bones. we've had two so i guess this is just what is to come with boys! hope this 5 weeks flies by!

Katy said...

OH NO!!!! I have to admit - I was excited to see that you finally had updated your blog, but was very nervous to see the title of the new entry...and worried that it was YOU!!! Sorry to hear about Ryan - at least you opted for the waterproof variety though!!!